BIANCA ROMANS: Customs Manager at Cova Advisory

#AutomotiveAllies: Bianca Romans, nominated by Duane Newman, is the Customs Manager at Cova Advisory.  Prior to joining Cova in early 2019, Bianca held a similar post at EY.

Bianca worked throughout her undergraduate studies, gaining valuable business experience, and joined the tax programme at EY managed by the South African Institute of Tax Practitioners (SAIT). This was where she encountered the customs field for the first time. Bianca found customs to be an underestimated tax that is highly specialized in nature. Customs regulations are continuously changing, providing an environment where she is challenged and able to learn on a daily basis.

Throughout her 8 years working in the customs field, Bianca has gained extensive knowledge. She has worked extensively with government departments such as the South African Revenue Services, the International Trade Administration Commission of South Africa and the South African Reserve Bank on customs advisory and compliance matters. Her experience has been focused in the automotive and manufacturing industries.

Bianca holds a B.Com honours in accounting specializing in Taxation, is accredited as a Tax Advisor (South Africa) with SAIT (South African Institute of Tax Practitioners), and holds a Tax Professional Occupational Certificate. Bianca has also completed and passed the SDS1 (SA Customs Compliance Part 1) (cum laude) and SDS 2 (SA Customs Compliance Part 2) exams.

Bianca’s advice to her younger self and how she intends to support other women entering the industry:

#ThingsIWishIKnew: Be confident in your abilities and focus on working to your strengths. However, acknowledge your weaknesses and be open to learning. The right mindset is key to success.

#TheFutureIsFemale: I plan to empower women by offering the necessary support for others to grow in their confidence and knowledge within the industry. Women need to empower themselves with knowledge. This will lay the foundation for young women to achieve future goals and equip them with the tools to navigate challenges that may they may face in the industry.