BUSISIWE MABUNDA: Production Manager at Faurecia Interior Systems

#AutomotiveAllies: Busisiwe Mabunda, nominated by Sebastien Koehler, is a Production Manager at Faurecia Interior Systems, a global leader in automotive technology. An Industrial Engineer hailing from Giyani, in Limpopo, she currently holds a BTech from one of South Africans leading universities of Technology, Tshwane University of Technology. Busisiwe holds over 6 years of working experience, mainly in continuous improvement and operations in large, fast-pace, multi-line facilities. She started her working experience as a graduate doing her P1 and P2 practical training at Faurecia. Here, she quickly learned the importance of paying her dues. She has demonstrated history of working in the automotive and electrical manufacturing industry and been recognized throughout career for being results-driven, autonomous and holding excellent in-depth knowledge of lean principles. She is passionate about continuous improvement and people development. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her growing family, reading motivational books and cooking. She is a world changer and a history maker, a dynamite who is reaching for the stars.

What Busisiwe wishes she knew when she was younger, #ThingsIWishIknew:

I wish I knew the difficulties that came with working in a male-dominated industry. How sometimes as a woman you can feel unnoticed and that your work is not making an impact. I am so proud to be in a leadership role in a company that recognizes women, a company that recognizes the roles that females play in an organization. I wish I knew earlier the importance of being yourself. I believe that being a woman is my greatest strength. As a woman, it is sometimes tempting to prove that you fit in, in a male-dominated industry by trying to imitate what others are doing. But the best person one can ever be is to be their true authentic self.

How Busisiwe is empowering and inspiring other women in the wider community:

I am currently a part of a small woman empowerment group that meets on a weekly basis to do life together. The group is comprised of women from different walks of life, different age groups and different careers. In this group, we discuss life’s challenges that include family, work and everything else we face as women. We advise each other on how to tackle life’s challenges and empower each other. So much positivity and encouragement comes out of these meetings. Every woman needs to be a part of it. My plan in the future is to be able host such empowering meetings for women in this industry, for us to navigate this industry together as a team, instead of climbing the ladder as individuals. A team is always better than one.