DAWN DODDS: Chief Operating Officer at TrenStar

#AutomotiveAllies: Dawn Dodds, nominated by Shivani Sign, is the Chief Operating Officer at TrenStar, responsible for the Operations, and Operations Support functions within TrenStar SA. The transition into the innovative world of Returnable Packaging and the resultant close affiliation with the Automotive Industry came about some 11 years ago and no glitz or glamour would have Dawn change vocation or industry.

Hailing from a Retail background and an initial Training and Development and HR career choice, this turnabout on both fronts, was an opportunity to transition to and realise her early passion for Operations Management.

Harnessing the unconditional support, especially from colleagues and peers, coupled with a deep respect for individual strengths and expertise has allowed for seamless integration into her current role. Driven with energy and passion, Dawn works to “infect” people with positiveness; she strives to create opportunities for people and the business to excel – all, to mutual benefit. Dawn believes in managing by objectives and always gives the team the opportunity to creatively contribute, towards set organisational objectives.

Outside of the office, Dawn is a farmer at heart. She has a breeding stud with indigenous Nguni cattle and sheep and grows totally organic food that attracts butterflies and bees naturally.

Reflecting on the need to empower other women in the sector, Dawn is committed to creating and facilitating opportunities in her personal capacity as a mentor and to continuing to advocate for female colleagues in her company that already holds equal opportunity in the highest esteem.

What Dawn wishes she could tell her younger self:  Build your career on what you want for you, not what others want for you.