FAITH SIBONGILE MKHWANAZI: Senior Manager – Quality at HESTO Harnesses

#AutomotiveAllies: Faith Sibongile Mkhwanazi, nominated by Mahesh Iyavoo and Rajen Naidoo, is the Senior Manager for Quality at HESTO Harnesses. She holds 24 years of experience in the automotive industry with 22 years of experience specifically in Quality Control and Quality Management systems. Faith is proud to be a long-serving member of the HESTO family, having spent the last 24 years at the company. Complementing her years of experience, Faith is currently completing an MBA with MANCOSA.

Faith’s advice to young women, especially the youth of this generation:  Believe in yourself and don’t give up on your dreams. Independence is the key to happiness and success – we must own our future. I believe that my success is in my hands. I am the one who controls my destiny, as a very spiritual and religious individual I am a child of God and a strong believer in my Faith, which is also coincidentally my name.

Discussing #TheFutureIsFemale, Faith believes that women need to be visible wherever you are and have an impact on other people. If you have been given an opportunity, use that opportunity knowing that you are representing other women. Your performance must open doors for more women to grow into higher-ranking positions. With each appointment of a woman you must realise that you have been assigned a mountain, you as a woman must show others that the mountain can be moved.

‘Don’t be pushed around by the fears in your mind, but instead, be led by the dreams in your heart.’