#AutomotiveAllies: Florence Ramasala, nominated by the AIDC, is the Business Continuity Manager at the Automotive Industry Development Centre (AIDC). By profession, Florence is a Computer Systems Engineer. Having started at the AIDC in 2013, Florence’s duties now included, but are not limited to; Information Security Management, Governance of IT, Risk, and Compliance.

Florence’s biggest love is in Business Continuity where her main activities are Business Continuity Management Program, Crisis Management, Compilation of Business Continuity Plans, Conduction of Business Impact Analysis, Disaster Recovery strategies, and the fun one being Business Continuity Plan Exercise. Having to observe the reaction of people in a crisis forces Florence to maintain calm and be steady in the midst of chaos.

What Florence wishes she knew when she was younger and advise she’d give to other women in the sector:


  1. This is a difficult one, however, I believe that all stages that one goes through in life as a woman are part of growth, either good or bad.
  2. I wish I knew earlier how to connect the career-life with the woman-life harmoniously. The two are full-time jobs that require fulltime attention.
  3. The same way all parts in a car are connected to form one body that can travel from one place to the other. To me, that alone is mind-blowing.
  4. Have your own lab, your own corner where you can brainstorm alone, perform experiments, and build programs that will serve as a contribution to the sector. Innovation and technology are key factors in the Automotive Industry.
  5. Have access to the right people at the right time, have a mentor, a coach, a well, where you can draw knowledge when you require it.

The Future is Female:

  1. Business continuity is required in any sector and more so in the Automotive sector where downtime is not tolerable. The contribution of women in the sector comes up in many ways, given their ability to naturally hold things together.
  2. In bridging the gap between tertiary education and the work environment, I always encourage experiential learning students I work with, to start joining professional membership at that level. Association with your own peer keeps you focused.
  3. Running of work environment workshops in tertiary institutions is my next move, giving students a taste of a typical day at work, particularly for students in the faculty of engineering and technology.
  4. Lastly, I strongly believe that women should be allowed to bring their whole self to the organization, they perform better when their families are well, dishes are washed, house is clean and any other thing that requires their attention is in order.