Indy Oil introduces Industrial Surface Sanitizer to its Range

Local lubricant blender, Indy Oil, has formulated a water based industrial surface sanitizer to disinfect, sanitize and deodorize non-porous surfaces for a germ-free environment that is healthy and safe.
It contains an FDA, EPA, NSF approved active ingredient proven to be effective against encapsulated viruses such as the human coronavirus as well as a wide range of microbes, bacteria and pathogens.

The Indy Oil Surface Sanitizer is suitable to be used in factories, on machinery and equipment, in hospitals, nursing homes and offices. It is also food safe making it perfect for use in food processing factories, restaurants and bars, where frequent disinfecting of equipment and surfaces is essential to meet strict health and safety regulations. In addition, the product is non-flammable.

Public transport vehicles like buses and taxis also benefit from the powerful disinfectant properties of the Indy Oil Industrial Surface Sanitizer as it can be used to clean seats, dashboards, door handles, hand railings, seatbelts and rubber floor mats to prevent the spread of the human coronavirus from passenger to passenger. Full article