MBONENI MAGADA: Transformation Director at G.U.D. Holdings

AutomotiveAllies: Mboneni Magada, nominated by Chris Haworth, Michelle Raw, Huzaifah Elias, Ian Law, Colin Mizra, Evan Slack, Charles Szente, Anthony Trickey, Alex van den Blink and Shivani Singh, is the Transformation Director at G.U.D. Holdings (Pty) Ltd. She holds an MBA from Henley Business School and is a dynamic member of the G.U.D. Holdings leadership team; she has been instrumental in driving transformation initiatives internally and externally.

She joined G.U.D. Holdings in 2011 as the General Manager of Filpro (Pty) Ltd, an enterprise development company focused on the informal sector. Filpro was established to uplift informal motor mechanics operating in previously disadvantaged communities, in order to ensure that they are given opportunities to participate in the main stream economy. The programme has assisted more than 3,000 motor mechanics across various provinces (Gauteng, Free State, Mpumalanga, Kwa-Zulu Natal, Western Cape, Eastern Cape and Northern Cape).

The key highlights of the Filpro programme include the following:

  • Over 100 mechanics received workshop tools worth over 4.5 million rands
  • 90 mechanics have successfully completed their trade test
  • 42 mechanics have received RMI Accreditation and as a result have signed contracts with SAPS, Emergency Services, SA Army and Correctional Services among others
  • Over 2000 mechanics have been trained through this programme on concepts such as Kaizen, Business Management, Financial Management, and many more.

Mboneni’s journey has culminated in her leading all G.U.D.’s transformation activities in the industry as their Transformation Director since 2013. It is her passion to ensure that opportunities previously reserved for more formal industries, are expanded to grow the informal economy so that it contributes meaningfully to the automotive sector.

Sharing her insights on #ThingsIWishIKnew and #TheFutureisFemale;

#ThingsIWishIKnew: If I could teach my younger self one thing, it is that the Automotive Industry is perceived to be an industry for males, but that is not the reality. Do not limit yourself based on perceptions or what people regard as being normal or acceptable. Allow yourself to get comfortable with being uncomfortable, take risks and be bold. Most importantly learn to see failure as an opportunity to learn, grow and make yourself proud!

#TheFutureIsFemale: Women empowerment is very close to my heart. I strongly believe that women in leadership roles within the automotive sector have a huge role to play in ensuring that we create opportunities for women, particularly for young women to grow and enter the sector. This can only be achieved when we identify and develop programmes that will develop women within the various sectors of the automotive industry to give them a competitive advantage. The notion that the automotive space is reserved for men is not applicable nor is it acceptable; we have a lot of women in this sector who have successfully contributed to the industry. I am passionate about driving “the change” that is required to create an inclusive culture within the automotive space because as women we are capable beyond measure.