Mbusiswa Ngcobo

Mbusiswa Ngcobo is the Commercial Director and Executive Chairman of Technique Manufacturing Corporation

An entrepreneur, investor, and finance professional, Mbusiswa Ngcobo is the Commercial Director and Executive Chairman of Technique Manufacturing Corporation; a steel and metal fabrication, stamping, pressing, and tooling component business in the automotive industry. He is a value-driven entrepreneur who believes in the sustainability, growth and technological advancement of the automotive industry in Southern Africa and the African continent at large.

He currently serves as the NAACAM Deputy Chairperson for the KZN region, is in the automotive industry’s COVID 19 command council, and was recently appointed to ITAC’s Technical Working Group for Automotives, representing NAACAM.

Mbusiswa is a Chartered Accountant [CA (SA)] by training, with extensive experience in Development Finance, Banking, and Financial Advisory.

Technique’s readiness in support of the SAAM 2035 pillars, primarily to drive and impact the localisation and job creation target, is evident through its commitments to meaningful transformation and the recent capacity investment. “I see our significant contribution as a sector on, localisation and global competitiveness as the pivotal elements to achieving the key objectives of the SAAM 2035 vision pillars.  As a tier 1, tier 2 supplier to the automotive sector, we also are intricately involved in positively contributing towards the growth, expansion, and sustainability of the local component manufacturing sector, I also foresee the local industry strengthening its competitiveness through embracing technology and deepening localization of technology based components.

Mbusiswa strongly believes that the automotive sector is hugely receptive to economic growth and transformation through local, regional, and international markets integration.