MEGAN JULIES: Customer Services Manager at CGI

#AutomotiveAllies: Megan Julies, nominated by Shaun Rosenstein, is the Customer Services Manager at CGI.

“Do not grow weary in well doing, for in due season you will reap a harvest, if you don’t give up”

Megan first read this promise in her twenties when her career appeared to be dying. Little did Megan know that the time spent in her role at the time was a valuable training ground for her future! When Megan’s perspective changed, her career changed.

Fast-forward to 2020, Megan is part of the Leadership at CGI, a global Automotive Branding Company. Megan and her Team are responsible for Project Management, Costing, Customer Order and Aftersales Support.

Besides leading the Customer Services Team, Megan also manages the accounts of Leading Automotive Manufacturers in South Africa and in the Middle East. Megan’s role is challenging but extremely rewarding. The automotive industry is diverse and dynamic, meaning learning is a constant, and while the industry is process-driven, flexibility is key.

The Covid-19 Lockdown tested CGI’s ability to adapt. Most industries came to a grinding halt, CGI included. However, CGI’s R&D Team launched the Survisor Face Shield Initiative and became a PPE Supplier – within 1 week after the start of Lockdown.

Megan had the privilege of setting up and managing the enquiry, quotation, order placement, payment and fulfillment process for Survisor. The function demanded around the clock support with a tally of 4703 emails received and 3080 sent, for April 2020.

There were times when Megan felt like she could not continue, but the Cause kept her going. She had the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of her family, colleagues, their families and thousands of other families during a very trying time. What an honour!

The Promise still stands and proves true… keep doing your best, you will be rewarded in due time.

Sharing her insights on #ThingsIWishIKnew and #TheFutureIsFemale;

#ThingsIWishIKnew: The Automotive Industry is the epitome of the phrase “deadline-driven”. Striving to always exceed requirements is a good code to live by but so is managing your mind, heart and body. Put personal measures in place to ensure that all 3 areas are nurtured. Find the balance, become an expert at keeping it, and peace, wisdom and strength will pursue you.

#TheFutureIsFemale: I believe that the future is a result of what you sow. In other words, it is the consequences of our choices. Therefore, invest in yourself. Make as many deposits into the “you-bank” as you can. Grow your account by being kind, teachable, humble, assertive, respectful while pursuing your goals with great tenacity. Yes, you will face adversity and closed doors at times, but always get up and push forward. Choose Wisdom & Understanding to be your lifelong companions. They will not disappoint.