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Accurate Currency Market Forecasts

Need a highly probable forecast on the expected outlook for the Dollar/Rand or any other currency pair or financial market (e.g. Euro/Rand, Pound/Rand, Gold, Commodity Index)? From the next few days, to the next few years?
Since 2005, Dynamic Outcomes has specialized in providing accurate analysis and forecasts on the markets with Elliott Wave Principle technology using actual historical patterns to forecast existing markets, which provides likely targets in price and time, based on what similar patterned markets have actually done in the past.  This has given hundreds of clients with an exposure to foreign exchange movements the necessary edge and ability to make intelligent decisions through knowing how far a market is likely to move within a period, as well as a heads up when a major change in trend is about to happen. 
Our subscription service provides a valuable roadmap for manufacturers with exposures to foreign currency swings, allowing you to have a highly probable (historically 80% accurate) overview of where a market is likely to be heading, based on how similar markets have behaved in the past, thereby increasing your profitability and productivity while reducing the stress involved in dealing with currency-related transactions and decisions.
"I joined Dynamic Outcomes about four months ago and they saved me a lot of money already. Their accurate monitoring of the SA currency is amazing. I am here to stay"  Schalk Scholtz, Jumbo Importers
For a start, get your free copy of our in-depth report the Rand Exposé – the Fundamental Truth. 
Then contact us so that we can provide you with a full analysis and forecast for the exchange rate or commodity markets that affect your business.
Contact:  James Paynter, Director/Market Analyst
Tel:    (041) 373-7160
Fax:    (041) 373-6873
Email: [email protected]

Automotive Specialist Associates

Automotive Specialist Associates are a small, but actually fairly unique, Group of Professionals offering the complete range of Business Development Services with vast experience in the Global Markets. We have a particular focus on the Emerging Markets of South Africa, China, India, Russia and long term experience of the general markets of Japan, North America and of course Europe.  Interestingly we have a combined automotive experience of 100 years.
Given that our fixed overhead costs are kept to an absolute minimum, this enables our clients to have access to a full range of services at very competitive costs. We will be particularly attractive to three client groups. Firstly, the SMEs who are seeking to expand their existing business relationships or move into a European, Emerging or Global Market. Our research shows that there are a considerable number of smaller tier 1's and 2's who now wish to consider new opportunities in new markets, but due to restraints in their business in recent years they simply now don't have the time and resources to do this.  Secondly, the larger Tier 1's and 2's who are seeking specific investigations or project related support. Lastly, to OEMs who need to develop the skills or provide support to their Tier 1's and 2's. We are also likely to be of interest to a supplier base wishing to develop relationships, alliance or collaboration agreements both in Europe and the global markets.
The essence of our service is to provide a high quality service at an affordable cost.  Our service can extend from an initial business development investigation/surgery, to full business planning, strategic, tactical development with detailed OEM forecasting models and quality system management advice and coaching. We can also provide on-going business support and management participation on a part time non - executive basis. 
Richard Cooper of Automotive Specialist Associates can be contacted on [email protected] or telephone him on +44 -1582 -710307 / +44 - 7908 - 263611.

Vehicle Population Volumes (AutoParc)

Response Group Trendline, the leading supplier of new vehicle sales statistics, in association with NAAMSA provides to the automotive industry statistics on new vehicle sales, vehicle volume forecasting and vehicle population volumes.
AutoParc (Vehicle Population Volumes).  Product Code 1100/025
The AutoParc data represents a calculated vehicle population volume by model derivative and licensing district for South Africa and neighbouring countries.  The AutoParc volumes are based on the vehicle sales by model into licensing districts for 25 year periods since 1980.  A scrapping factor by year is applied to the model and licensing district volumes. 
Annual AutoParc Subscription Cost (VAT excluded)
Base Subscription:
1. Passenger - R8439.00 
2. LCV - R4542.00 
3. MCV, HCV, XHV & BUS - R8439.00 
NAAMSA 7.5 % DBase access license fee applicable.
For further information please contact [email protected]
Introduction and proposal - Global Auto Industry
Members have been offered participation in online seminars, each focusing on a different market. Attached is a registration form for the next few seminars.
NAACAM has subscribed to various newsletters from Global Auto Industry for two years and we find them very valuable. They have already recorded some 75 recent presentations, which they expect to launch in the next 2 to 3 weeks. That means that in the next 90 days, there will be 100+ titles to select from.
Companies are asked to contact Roger at [email protected] for further information.

The SA Auto Benchmarking Club

The South African Auto Benchmarking Club (SAABC) is a not-for-profit industry driven initiative established to support the local auto component industry through firm-level benchmarking.
The SAABC programme is centered around a comprehensive firm-level benchmarking methodology that focuses primarily on operational performance, and is supported by various cluster activities. Companies are compared to those in other countries as well as other local firms, and comprehensive reports are provided.

TGT Consulting

Whilst global component suppliers have direct access to international markets local component suppliers do not have the same privilege and could have a need for support in export market development.
TGT offers a focused European based team to that could be the sales and marketing office for South Africa's automotive component manufacturers and provides full support, both in the UK and mainland Europe. In addition TGT has extensive direct experience in the South African automotive at a Tier 1 level, dealing with the OEM’s.
This dedicated team is to work closely with all stakeholders, including trade associations, regional government as well as individual component companies in targeting such markets as OEM’s. Tier 1’s and 2’s as well as the specialised vehicle manufacturing sectors.
Further, with the needs of SA developed suppliers (independent SME’s) in mind, it could be beneficial to enable a gateway for them to obtain new technology and to use the local knowledge and contacts that a SA Automotive Industry Centre could offer. This would have a two way effect as it would enable overseas companies wishing to invest in SA the opportunity to liaise with a local office and speak with automotive orientated people.
For further information