SHIVANI SINGH: Commercial Director, National Association for Automotive Component and Allied Manufacturers (NAACAM)

#AutomotiveAllies: Shivani Singh, nominated by Renai Moothilal, is the Commercial Director at Naacam. Shivani holds an M.Com Economics (UKZN). In her role Shivani takes primary responsibility for developing and driving a range of value adding services to Naacam’s membership base, and ensuring these are aligned to the wider sector growth objectives in line with the SA Automotive Masterplan 2035.

Shivani is passionate about localisation and transformation, particularly the upliftment of women in the sector. She has invested a lot of time and effort on initiatives that support emerging black suppliers in both the automotive and allied value chains. In 2019, she successfully organised Naacam’s Black Supplier Day, where 18 black suppliers showcased their capabilities to major decision makers within the sector. She is part of a number of sector development workstreams, and had the distinction of leading the country’s Covid-19 Face Shield manufacturing workstream. Her ability to quickly adapt, learn, innovate and implement has enabled her to provide much needed leadership and support to the automotive stakeholder sector environment.

Shivani’s portfolio includes the facilitation and delivery of the Automotive Supply Chain Competitiveness Initiative (ASCCI). As ASCCI’s lead, Shivani is responsible for running programmes aimed at upgrading supplier competitiveness in a bid to build higher levels of localisation, in line with the South African Automotive Masterplan’s target of 60% by 2035.

Shivani takes it upon herself to provide exceptional service to all Naacam’s members. Her approach has been to understand each member’s pain points and tailor her support to each that need. She has quickly become a go-to person for members who call upon her experience and know-how for information and advice. Shivani is a credit to both Naacam and the sector, and for those who know her, a force to reckon with.