Supreme Spring Upgrades To SYSPRO 8

Formed in 1963, Supreme Spring, a NAACAM member, is involved in the design, manufacture, marketing and supply of quality heat-created steel automotive components(namely, coil, springs, stabilizer bars, torsion bars and leaf assemblies) to the South African and international automotive market. From humble beginnings, the company has grown into a cutting- edge organization in which the use of computer-controlled operations has become standard practice. As part of the JSE-listed Metair Group, Supreme Spring’s products are exported to the UK, India, Thailand, Japan, Australia and Europe, where it is recognized as a supplier of quality products at competitive prices.

Supreme Spring has been a satisfied SYSPRO customer since 2007 – originally deploying SYSPRO 6.0 after discovering that sister company, automotive component manufacturer Lumotech South Africa, was using SYSPRO ERP software. At first, Supreme Spring adopted a ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ attitude to SYSPRO’s latest release, SYSPRO 8. Soon it became apparent that the benefits of keeping up with the latest technology and the ability to future-proof their business far out-weighed any other reservation they had regarding the upgrade. Read full case study here: SYSPRO-Supreme-Springs