COVID-19 Procurement Portal

Several members of the National Association for Automotive Component and Allied Manufacturers (NAACAM) have begun manufacturing personal protective products (PPE) to assist in addressing and mitigating the COVID-19 virus. In recent weeks, OEMs and multinational Tier 1s have issued a number of ‘safe at work’ protocols which must be adhered to once production commences. These protocols have presented several opportunities for the large-scale supply of PPE products, particularly to Tier 1 firms. NAACAM has been working with Tier 2s in its membership to support them ‘pivot’ some of their spare production capacity to support the production of these new PPE items. These new products are related to the core capability already held by the Tier 2 supplier.


SaniStep from MicroFinish, a foot-operated door opener that works on latch-less doors. The intention is to create a product that reduces the spread of pathogens via door handles – a hot topic given the current pandemic. The Durban-based precision engineering company says it is easy to use and cost-effective, and will also assist users to open doors whilst their hands are full.

Creative Graphics International

Cape Town-based Creative Graphics International (CGI) is also contributing to the production of emergency medical equipment. The company is producing face shields and masks for medical personnel and for the general public, as well as decals for floors, doors and windows. These items make use of much of the same technology and raw materials as the decals the company manufactures for OEM and aftermarket customers.

Hudson Rubber

Hudson Rubber, a Gauteng-based rubber fabrication specialist, is marketing a walkthrough booth that can be used in airports, stations, schools, hospitals, shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, banks, government agencies, businesses and large institutions for temperature measurement and disinfection. It is easily movable, made of stainless steel, and sturdy and durable.

App Tracks Employee Health

Odin Health, a division of Jendamark, is providing a tool to track employee health and to communicate company policies and guidelines. The Port Elizabeth company specialises in turnkey solutions for the automotive sector, and now uses a QR code system for identification to ease access control at measurement points. The tool also provides pre-existing condition assessments and temperature progress.


Microbial Cleaning for Cleaners

NAACAM Associate Member Siyaya Skills Institute has a programme that assists individuals, institutions, companies, and governments to assess their preparedness to respond and recover in critical biohazardous events. It also provides education and training with an emphasis on microbial containment and psychological surety. The programme comprises either a Virtual Course or Classroom-based Interactive Learning.

Expert Automotive Trim

A new division Expert Automotive Trim division, a Durban-based automotive CMT, is manufacturing face masks, hooded coveralls, 2-piece scrub suits and protective gowns. The company says the medical grade material being used has been sourced from reputable, locally-produced manufacturers and says the EM-1TLF mask meets the latest recommended RSA guidelines for manufacture.


Sealtron, a Durban-based Tier 2 supplier, is listed as an essential services provider and is providing PPE products that are FDA and CE approved. At present, Sealtron is offering 3 PLY and KN95 masks. All the necessary certification and compliance certificates are available. Sealtron is a Level 1 B-BBEE contributor and has ISO 9001:2015 certification.

Sanitisation Units for Post COVID-19

Mergence Industrial Holdings, through its member company Lasercraft, a metal fabrication business in Gauteng, is manufacturing the SANI-Tunnel, a frontline defense against COVID-19 by ensuring that staff, customers, commuters, shoppers, scholars, travellers are properly sanitised at mass entry and exit points to office buildings, factories, mines, malls, train/bus stations, taxi ranks, schools, airports and banks.


Capewell is an approved essential service company and is making several products for essential services as well as Level 4 approved products and services. We have developed a hand sanitizer bracket for distribution of sanitizer around factories and premises. R30 ex Vat/each

Ramsay Production Engineers

Pietermaritzburg-based Ramsay Production Engineers has deployed 25 staff to produce fabric face masks. A second project is the development of a sanitizing tunnel, The HlanZeka Gate. The product is competitively priced and can be easily transported. It can run off a car battery, porta-pack, or solar power supply in remote locations.

indy oil covid hand sanitiser
gud holdings

G.U.D. Holdings

G.U.D. Holdings has developed an innovative hand-wash station for taxi ranks. It is a simple hand-washing system using Indy Oil drums that could assist commuters and people living in water-scarce areas to wash their hands to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. G.U.D. will be giving away 100 hand-wash station units in the coming months to taxi ranks across the country.


VSC’s visibility tools will capture and report on all COVID-19 related governance processes electronically. The detailed data, provided in real-time, facilitates fast and targeted action such as monitoring staff, visitors and the people they meet, safeguarding our society from the rampant spread of the virus.

John Moffat Prolock

John Moffat Prolock is manufacturing three types of 400 micron clear V/PET direct food contact virgin PET face shields. This includes a face shield for children and a full-face shield with soft foam design. The shields all have an anti-fogging design, removable changeable visor/lens and will accommodate people wearing glasses.

PPE Dynafoam Converters (Pty) Ltd

Dynafoam Converters manufactures PET Face Shields for the entire family. The shield has an adjustable head loop that enables it to fit adults and children, providing full-face protection, and accommodates goggles or spectacles. The shield uses a high-quality polypropylene impact copolymer and is fully recyclable.

Jannock Plastics

Jannock Plastics, established in 1986, has a 51% BEE shareholding and is ISO 9001: 2015 certified. The company supplies injection-moulded plastic parts and high-precision machine tool and die design to the automotive industry. The company is now producing a clear polycarbonate face shield that fits onto a large variety of caps.

Maxe Premium Automotive Accessories

Pinetown-based Maxe, a division of KAP Automotive and NAACAM member, is manufacturing powder coated, no-touch, automotive-grade stainless steel Hand Sanitiser Pedestals, with a spring-loaded pedal motion. Over 90% of the material is locally sourced. Maxe is a level 4 BBEE contributor.

Qinisa Steel Solutions

Tube laser cutting business, Qinisa, is using this technology to manufacture a practical but stylish foot-operated high-grade stainless steel hand sanitizer dispenser. Available in 3 sizes, small units for creches and primary schools, medium for shops, businesses and retirement villages, and large for industrial use.

Yenza Africa

Yenza Africa, a Black-owned BEE Level 2 KZN-based manufacturer, is manufacturing and supplying a range of face shields, medical and surgical masks, infrared forehead thermometers, foot and elbow operated sanitizer dispensers, a wall-mounted dispenser, sneeze screens and liquid hand sanitizer.

Indy Oil Industrial Surface Sanitizer

Indy Oil

Local lubricant blender, Indy Oil, has formulated a water-based industrial surface sanitizer to disinfect, sanitize and deodorize non-porous surfaces for a germ-free environment that is healthy and safe. It contains an FDA, EPA, NSF approved active ingredient.

gud holdings

Holts Launches Liquid Hand Sanitizer

Holts SA has launched a water-based hand sanitizer containing an FDA approved ingredient proven to be effective against viruses, microbes and other pathogens. It acts immediately upon contact with your skin to kill germs and keep you safe from infection.