2019 Global Automotive Consumer Study Insights for South Africa

Key Insights for South Africa:

  • South Africans still prefer to use traditional transportation. Consumers prefer to use their own a vehicle, walk, or use a taxi to satisfy their transportation needs
  • South Africans still aspire to own in the next 3 years. 67% of consumers said they would consider a model that offers more utility compared to 26% that would likely favour more luxury
  • A need for a change in Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) models remains high. 74% of consumers are interested in buying direct from OEM
  • Electric vehicles remains an uncertainty to end consumers affordability needs, with a slight increased interest in Hybrids. Electric vehicle (EV) demand is anticipated to grow once supportive environmental policies, tax relief, higher petrol and diesel prices and shifting consumer attitudes change.
  • Majority of consumers are willing to pay for connected technologies. Consumer opinions are mixed, while interest in time-saving features is high, significant concerns remain over privacy and data security, specially for those technologies that allow the vehicle to self-diagnose problems and act on health and wellness issues.
  • South African consumers are interested in innovative mobility services. More than half of the consumers are interested in subscription services for selecting multiple vehicles and those that offer unlimited ride-hailing
  • Consumers “pump the brakes” on interest in autonomous vehicles (AVs). As the technology gets ever closer to scalable, real-world application, consumers are questioning if AVs are safe, which is causing some people to take a more cautious approach to the idea. Download full report: https://bit.ly/2U62Qan