Imagine if your TERS submission had been automated

Perhaps the COVID-19 submissions are a nightmare of yesterday, never to return, but who knows what new legislative changes will conspire to make month-end a living hell.  Who knows?

Imagine though if you could at least automate your B-BBEE reporting, your SDL reporting, and your standard payroll submission.  Maybe, it is time to See Money Differently.  “See money differently; I thought we were talking about payroll?” You ask.

Yes.  Payroll.  Time is money.  Mistakes cost you money.  We no longer live in a world where it is difficult to quantify the cost of mistakes on submissions, the cost of the time taken for endless reporting.

That is why we at Nedbank bring you Nedbank HCM:  The leading Human Captial Management platform available in Africa. We know that is making a big claim given the big names in the business, but none of those big names will automatically generate your BBBEE report on the prescribed form.  None of those big names provides the functionality to generate your COVID-19 TERS submission.  Even if they did, the big names in HCM systems are prohibitively expensive, both to implement and to run.  Of course, there are cheaper versions, but these are little more than calculators that generate payslips.

Imagine a solution that is affordable for any business, and that can also cater to the needs of any business.  No matter how big or how small.  No matter how simple or complex.  No business is too anything to not benefit from our Nedbank HCM platform.

Our full-service Human Capital Management platform is the only platform that will:

  • Automate your BBBEE reporting
  • Automate your monthly ETI calculations & reporting
  • Automate all of your statutory Payroll submissions
  • Provide you with the most secure payroll functionality around the globe

It also provides you with everything you need to manage your most valuable assets through their full employee life-cycle:


One of the essential parts of your Human Capital Management is the finding, verifying and hiring the right talent.  The Nedbank HCM Platform ensures that you can manage all of this is one place.  To this end, our platform is integrated with a range of service providers to ensure automated straight-through processing of:

  • Position advertising
  • Candidate search
  • Background checks
  • Dummy payslips
  • Letter of appointment


A new employee is a significant investment, and we want you to get them up and running as soon as possible.  That is why Nedbank HCM provides you with the tools to drive and track the onboarding process in line with global best practice.  During onboarding, the system will also start to track assets and items such as PPE that are issued to employees. These will be tracked throughout the tenure of the employee.

Remuneration & Payroll

Our clients are often surprised at how prevalent payroll fraud is and are equally surprised at how easy it is for them to fall victim to such fraud.  The stats vary over time, but a good rule of thumb is that 1 in 5 businesses will experience payroll fraud at some point.

Nedbank HCM offers the most secure payroll capability in the world.  Yes, globally.  The payment file is generated by the HCM platform and sent, via an encrypted link, directly to your payments queue on Netbank Business.  With no downloading or uploading and no human intervention, it is impossible to tamper with the payment file.

Nedbank HCM offers a lot more than just secure payment, however.  Our platform automates all payroll related submissions on the relevant prescribe forms for direct submission.

That is not all.   Nedbank HCM also integrates with electronic time and attendance systems, eliminating the wasteful need of capturing time and attendance for payroll, not to mention the risk of errors.  Not only is the time and attendance integrated with the payroll, but it is also integrated with the leave modules, and time and attendance records can easily be pulled for IR related matters.


The day-to-day management of the talent in the organisation is effortless with the Employee Self Service and Manager Self Service on the Nedbank Human Capital Management platform.  Employees can apply for leave via the App on their mobile phones, or even via USSD on GSM platform phones.  Similarly, managers can manage leave via the Manager Self Service.  The manager can view the leave balance of the report, which is requesting leave as well as viewing who else is on leave at that time.  If the manager is satisfied, approving the leave is a simple client of the button via the App or the desktop platform.  The mobile App allows staff to “tap out” when leaving the office for business travel and “tap in” when arriving at a client (or supplier).  The system will not only track the travel via Google Maps but will automatically generate the travel claim and process it to the payroll base on your organisations travel claim rules. 

Learning & Development

Everyone knows how important it is to develop your talent.  If it were not so true, it would be a cliché.  What they do not tell you is how much of an administrative overhead this creates, not to mention all of the statutory reporting around SDL.  Well, that is something of the past.  The Nedbank HCM system offers best in class management and automated reporting of your organisation’s learning and development efforts.

Performance Management

No more home-made templates on excel.  We appreciate that many employees really want to show off their excel skills, but we also know that this is not always what you want.  Fortunately, 1001 variations on a performance review is a thing of the past.  Nedbank Human Capital Management allows you to build scorecards around the KPIs that reflect the value drivers in your business.  Whatever your management style, you and your team can update it via our mobile HCM App or on the desktop version, whatever their, and your preference; you can rest assured that performance management is about managing performance.

Employee Relations

We understand that, as with every part of business, there are parts that we do not relish.  Disciplinary processes probably rank as high on your list of unpleasant tasks as they do on ours.  The Nedbank Human Capital Management system is designed to make these processes as fair and pain-free as possible.  Build by experts in South African Labour Practice and Labour Law, replete with templates for warnings and notices to appear at hearings, the Nedbank HCM platform gives you everything you need to manage your employee relations professionally.

We understand that managing your business is about more than financial capital.  We know that your most valuable asset is your human capital.  That is just another way we are helping you See Money Differently.

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