Member Profile: Sealtron SA

Marco Coetsee, Senior Consultant, Dizani Consulting; Hannes van Heerden, Managing Director, Dizani Consulting; Vikesh Mungroo, Sales Account Manager, Sealtron; Alex Holmes, Managing Director, MAHLE Behr South Africa; Bradley Mungroo, Director, Sealtron; Ross Taylor, Purchasing/ SQA Manager, MAHLE Behr South Africa

SEALTRON SA is a B-BBEE Level 1 company based in Durban with its manufacturing site at Cornubia Industrial Estate where the company offers harnessing and injection moulding products.

Sealtron is currently supplying to OEMs in the white goods, security, mining, vehicle aftermarket and utilities sectors.  While the focus is based around the expansion into the manufacturing sector, it is of paramount importance to ensure that the company creates a sustainable business model.  Sealtron continuously strives to produce world class products coupled with excellent customer service.  The culture is based around our motto “Kanodesu” (It’s Possible), which is centred on customer satisfaction.

The journey into the automotive cluster has allowed Sealtron to exhibit its capabilities at the NAACAM Show.  Since then it has engaged with Tier 1’s and OEM’s on potential projects for harnessing and injection moulding.  MAHLE Behr South Africa, in line with their Enterprise Supplier Development Program, has partnered with Sealtron SA and Dizani Consulting on an ASCCI Black Supplier Development Programme that will run over an 18 month period.

This will greatly assist Sealtron in aligning our Quality Management System with IATF standards.  Dizani Consulting, who works closely with MAHLE, is playing a pivotal role in meeting MAHLE’s expectations on their harnessing requirements for which they have provided Sealtron the opportunity of manufacturing.

Sealtron is pleased that companies like MAHLE (Mr Alex Holmes and his team) have embraced localisation together with partnerships like this, as this provides South African companies not only with the opportunity to showcase their abilities, but also to create employment.

Sealtron takes this opportunity to thank companies and industry bodies like MAHLE, ASSCI and NAACAM for their continued support.


Company: Sealtron SA

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