Member Profile: SMS Group

SMS group is a single source systems & processing technology provider for the metals industry. As the leading partner in the world of metals, we provide our processing technology, engineering, equipment, components, spare parts, revamps, modernisations, repair & maintenance services, and feasibility studies to the iron, steel, aluminium, non-ferrous, & ferro alloy industries. 

With our passion for metals we assist our clients in increasing their shareholder value, product quality and yield, while reducing OPEX & optimising plant lifecycle for various steel, copper & aluminium plants, including forging technology such as open-die-forging (>80), closed-die-forging (>70), ring & wheel rolling (>140), extrusion plants (>230), as well as additive manufacturing and induction heating. Having built both the world’s largest open-die-forging & closed-die-forging plants SMS group sets the global benchmark for this technology.

SMS group is focussed on the environment. Our ECO plants talk to our tradition of sustainability and strive to reduce total plant energy consumption through recovery and reduction technologies. Our recently launched wastewater treatment technology, Zero Solid Discharge (ZSD) rids your direct cooling circuits of oils and grease, guaranteed, that unknowingly runs up your maintenance and OPEX bill and becomes an environmental nightmare. This forms part of our already formidable stable of water treatment and recycling solutions. 


A German family-owned business with a strong global reputation, established since 1871, (1958 in South Africa), we follow a philosophy of being technology partners for our clients, supporting them with a locally based team of engineers, backed up by international technology experts.


Pieter Bezuidenhout | Managing Director

SMS group Technical Services South Africa (Pty) Ltd

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