AutoX exhibiting its leading automotive brands in a virtual showroom

AutoX, the manufacturer and supplier of leading automotive brands such as Willard, SABAT and the Rentech range of industrial batteries, is exhibiting its products in a virtual showroom hosted by Creamer Media.

AutoX’s focus is on advancing the battery industry with the purpose of creating a greener and sustainable future for future generations.

As a leading car battery manufacturer in South Africa, AutoX understands the market dynamics demanding forward-thinking and service excellence. Backed by decades of experience and a track record of success. Visit the virtual showroom here:

AutoX’s re-entry into the renewable technology market with their brand Rentech, focusing heavily on the solar business, is bearing fruit. The company says demand is rapidly increasing, especially in the domestic and small commercial solar market as well as the motive and standby power markets.

Under the Rentech brand, AutoX supplies solar system components and industrial batteries for a range of applications including reserve power for stand-by and back-up applications, gate and garage door motors, Uninteruptible Power Supplies (UPS), solar batteries, motive power for leisure vehicles, golf carts, wheel chairs, marine and 4×4 vehicles, and for traction and materials handling equipment such as forklifts.

“Our solar market offering consist of  a range of inverters for domestic and small commercial applications up to 45kW, lithium battery solutions up to 115kWh as well as lead acid batteries and PV panels under our Rentech brand. In addition, AutoX recently included high-voltage inverters and matching lithium battery storage solutions for larger industrial, agricultural and commercial applications,” explained Glenn Geldenhuis, CEO of AutoX.

“As a growing business, AutoX addresses the solar market with expert advice on system design, application and integration of the products in its portfolio.”

“We are a preferred supplier to the Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) market which includes major solar installers and materials handling service providers. AutoX is also an established market player in the retail sector where we provide products to dedicated solar outlets, automotive parts retail stores and the unique Willard and SABAT Xpress battery specialist channel,” he added.

“Solar power has gained significant ground in the energy sector in recent years and is now being utilised in a variety of applications from households to commercial and industrial use,” explained Mr Geldenhuis.

“On a sunny day in South Africa, solar is able to provide up to 1000 watts of power per square meter. Our solar solutions harness this free energy which equates to a typical usable output average of 3.5kWh per square meter per day. This is a new growth area.”

“Being an unlimited energy source, solar power is also a catalyst against load shedding, providing security of supply and offset the rise in energy costs which is part of the country’s future. Increasing capacity to go off-grid will greatly support economic growth and future sustainability,” he added.


Company: AutoX

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