East Cape Manufacturing (ECM)

ECM is a medium-sized,  independent, value-added manufacturer and supplier of automotive stamped and assembled components in  South Africa. Founded in 1995  by John Caraher and later partnered with Euro Steel (AFMETCO) George Janos in 2008, the company has grown from its humble beginnings to a major player within the Automotive Catalytic & Exhaust Systems platform.

From complete tooling design, simulation and manufacture to component manufacturing services to the automotive industry. With a highly experienced tooling background and culture including latest tooling design software and simulation, ECM has the experience to take customer products and requirements from drawing through on to serial production. ECM has the experience and capabilities for cost-effectively stamping, welding, assemble, and to package products according to each customer’s specific needs.

The focus and mission is to build strong relationships with customers based on trust and respect. ECM’s key to success is the ability to work alongside customers and have direct access to the directors/owners of the business who are able and willing to ensure the correct person or department is available to assist with any questions or concerns. From tooling to production, ECM is an essential partner to its customers, bringing value to all parts of the production lifecycle. ECM has a diverse customer base, serving Tier 1 manufacturers in South Africa and abroad. 

Quick Facts

• Founded in 1995
• Privately  owned and active in the company
• Over 22 Presses with 11 H-Frame stamping presses, ranging from 35 to 1000 tons
• Progressive Press Stamping
• Certifications:  IATF 16949 – ISO9001
• Manufacturing facilities in Port Elizabeth South Africa
• Strategically diverse customer base.
• Continual investments in new equipment and technology
• Production runs range from prototype, low volumes to the serial production of thousands of parts per setup.


Company: ECM

Contact: George Janos

Email: [email protected]