Member Profile: Steel Best Automotive

Steel Best Automotive is South Africa’s largest high pressure die casting producer, supplying the local and International market since 1970. Our well-equipped zinc and aluminium die casting plant comprises of 3 zinc machines and 9 aluminium machines with the intention of investment in a further 6 machines. Our machines range from 60 – 1400 tons.

This broad range of machinery provides our plant with a shot capacity of 4g – 7kg. We produce small, low tolerance castings for the armaments and electronic industries as well as large components for the automotive and furniture industries. The efficiency of our production is further influenced by our on-site Striko Westhoven smelter that feeds our die casting machines with a capacity of 1.5 tons per hour. Our present production capacity oscillates between 50 – 70 tons per month. 

Steel Best Manufacturing Services

Vinay Dharampall

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