Member Profile: Jendamark South Africa

From specialised machine builder to global tech company, Jendamark Automation continues to drive forward-thinking tech solutions and improve production line efficiencies for the automotive industry. Jendamark Automation has an international presence in South Africa, India and Germany and a sales office in the USA. This global reach allows Jendamark to serve customers worldwide and offer round-the-clock service support.

Assembly Solutions:

Powertrain Assembly

Jendamark specialises in the assembly of the automotive powertrain, from completely manual to fully automated systems.

Catalytic Converter Assembly

Jendamark’s adaptive canning facilities accommodate the most complex assembly requirements to meet varying emissions norms.

Electric Vehicle Component Assembly

Jendamark designs and manufactures battery pack and power electronics assembly systems for the electric vehicle market.

Jendamark Ecosystems:

Odin Manufacturing

Jendamark’s digital manufacturing ecosystem is the next level in driving efficiencies on the production line. From individual workstations to the entire production line, Odin provides the tools to manage every aspect of the manufacturing and assembly process. These add-on technologies include everything from operator guidance systems to predictive and preventative maintenance, tool management systems and online documentation.

Odin Health

With so much else to worry about, Odin Health takes care of the customer’s most valuable resource. This downloadable app supports employee health and wellness through the Covid-19 crisis and beyond, by assisting with daily symptom screening, critical communications, incident management and compliance and more, to ensure business continuity.

Odin Education

Odin Education is a new concept in EdTech and the most cost-effective, end-to-end educational solution on the market in South Africa today. The Omang e-learning tablet, preloaded with the user’s textbooks, educational websites, extra resources and learning platforms, uses the power of digital technology to reach and empower learners in even the most remote and under-resourced rural schools.



Company: Jendamark

Contact: Yanesh Naidoo

Email: [email protected]