Member Profile: Sasfin Commercial Solutions (Global Trade)

Sasfin Commercial Solutions (Global Trade) core service offering is focused on assisting clients predominantly in the automotive sector to access APDP incentive benefits and Customs duty refunds.The company started in 1988 (Indevco) when our founder identified a niche offering not available in the market. The focus of the company was to support Manufacturers and Importers / Exporters with accessing Incentives / Rebates offered by various Government Departments.

As these processes were ever changing and often complex with strict guidelines it was identified that companies often prefer to outsource these services to specialists allowing them to focus on the core of their business while we maximize their returns. Growing from strength to strength in 2007 we merged with a division of PSG and rebranded as IQuad and listed on the JSE ALT-X.This allowed the company to grow by adding new services to its offerings.

In 2012 Sasfin Bank purchased the company as it expanded their service offering allowing us to offer additional services to our existing clients and having a strong brand behind us.

We have the unique advantage of being part of a listed, diversified financial services Group, Sasfin. We however remain small and agile enough to make swift decisions, add new innovative solutions within short time frames and provide a high-quality service to our clients.

The recent acquisition in 2017 of a 25.1% stake in Sasfin Bank by WIPHOLD underscores Sasfin’s commitment to transformation and resulted in Sasfin achieving a Level 4 B-BBEE scorecard assisting our clients with their procurement spend.

Over 20 years later and we still focus on our core business having assisted companies claim back Billions of Rands in Incentives and Rebates. Our expertise and custom-built systems have resulted in us becoming a market leader and in 2019 we won the Exporters EC – Best Service Provider category.

Quality is our number one priority and we strive to submit claims in perfect order. To achieve this, we have very strict procedures and detailed peer reviews that take place on all work done before being submitted ensuring that we constantly maximise claim values and optimize payment turnarounds.Through difficult times we are still your partner beyond expectations.


Company: Sasfin Commercial Solutions

Contact: Brenden Adriaanzen

Email: [email protected]