Member Profile John Moffat Prolock (JMP)

JMP Group, comprising of Natal Gaskets in Durban and John Moffat Prolock in Johannesburg, established in 1946, is a 51% black owned level 2 BEE internationally accredited (ISO 9001 : 2015) cutter, converter and provider of customised innovative and engineered solutions of industrial materials to various industries.

JMP is one of the largest suppliers of gaskets, industrial sponges, rubber and other allied products into Southern Africa. Natal Gaskets is based in Durban and John Moffat Prolock Based in Johannesburg with agents in all the major centres, servicing customers countrywide.

JMP is focused on providing high-quality products and services in our field of business and is able to achieve this by virtue of decades worth of embedded knowledge and experience, links to the leading global suppliers of materials all underpinned by our ISO 9001:2015

Quality Management System

Service is key in our industry and we endeavour to provide exceptional responsiveness in terms of quotations, order feedback and technical advice all driven by our underlying principles.


Our face shield design has been tested by medical professionals to ensure durability and approval of maximum protection from the implemented design. An open-head piece allows for optimal airflow.


At JMP we supply a variety Foam products, including Acoustical Absorbers, Diffusers, Sound Barriers as well as Construction Materials,  Composite Insulation Foams, Fire Protection Foams and Packaging Foams.

We assist our clients in finding the most ideal solution regardless of the requirement. From conception to implementation and finally, completion, JMP will create various design solutions and manage the process all the way through.


JMP manufactures sponge gaskets to any shape and size. We also convert the sponge into finished products including Tool control inserts, Roof closures, Sealing Strips, Anti Fatigue mats and many others. JMP manufactures sponge sealing strip with or without adhesive tape. Standard DIY packs complete with header cards are manufactured for the Motor Spare and Hardware industries.


JMP is a major converted and wholesaler of all types of rubber sheeting and rubber gaskets. Rubber Sheeting is manufactured from natural and synthetic polymers. Rubber sheeting mostly has a cloth finish on both sides, with a smooth finish in certain polymers. Rubber sheeting comes in a variety of thickness ranging from 1.5mm to 25mm and has many uses ranging from flooring, sheeting, gasketing, insulation, protective covering etc.


At JMP we manufacture gaskets to recognised international specifications such as the SABS, BS (British standards) and ASME (American) and EN (European). While we have a catalogue of thousands of blade dies for standard and non-standard gaskets, we are also able to manufacture gaskets customised to suit specific customer requirements. Our CNC machines are able to cut various materials using CAD drawings giving the versatility of different design shapes dependent on application.


Our Thermal and Acoustic Insulation Products includes Non-Woven Wool, Shoddy Felt (made from recycled shredded fibres), Needle Punch Felt and Semi Closed Cell Nitrile.




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