PwC hosts liquidity management webinar

In the current incredibly challenging environment, with many unknowns ahead of us, we understand the importance of cash and short-term liquidity management and how this could be changing our daily basis.

Topics for discussion:

  • Comprehensive sharing of PwC’s restructuring approach to cash and liquidity management, including 13-week forecasting, self-help actions around cash, and critical stakeholder management.
  • Unpacking of mid-range actions to alter a company’s cash trajectory, ranging from working capital initiatives, organisational change (workforce, supply chain) and non-core accelerated disposals.
  • Provision of a holistic and integrated debt, capital and restructuring offering using our independence from lenders and shareholders and the use of senior and seasoned senior specialists who offer a multi-skilled approach.
  • Assistance with fundraising initiatives, including disposal of assets and attraction of new investors.


The one-hour webinar took place on 04 August 2020. Click to view the presentation deck and special report. Link